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Adaptors, Reducers and Plugs

วันที่: 02-06-2014

CCG Industrial and EExde Reducers/Adapters/Plugs

Differing Entry Threads

Because electric apparatus could originate from foreign countries, various threads are encountered. It is therefore necessary to fit such threads with the appropriate adaptor. Although glands can be manufactured with special threads, it still leads to the problem that if the gland is replaced later the problem with the original foreign thread entry remains. An adaptor, however, can stay permanently in place.


PG Threads (DIN German Standard)

Equipment originating in Germany, Switzerland and most European countries are supplied with a PG thread.

The letters PG stand for ‘‘Panzerrohr Gewinde’’.


NPT threads National Pipe Taper (USA)

Since the sizes 1/2" NPT-3/4" NPT-1" NPT are close to I.S.O. metric threads, it is very easy to mistake them as such. An interface between NPT and metric will, however, not form a flameproof path and fitting a gland direct could lead to disaster.



CCG Thread Reducers / Adapters

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Code Structuring for Reducers and Adaptors
1st character denotes the type, R - reducer or A - adaptor
2nd character denotes the male thread - metric, NPT, BSP or PG
3rd character denotes the size of male thread
4th to 6th character denotes the female thread - metric, NPT, BSP or PG
7th to 9th character denotes the size of female thread
10th character denotes the classification - Standard or EX



Type Thread Size Classification
R - Reducer M - Metric Indicated by 3 S - Standard
A - Adaptor  N - NPT  Numeric characters  E - EX
  B - BSP    
  P - PG    
Example of Adaptor and Reducer coding
Code Description
AM016M020E M16M-M20F Adaptor EX
RM020M016E M20M-M16F Reducer EX
AM050P042S M50M-PG42F Adaptor STD



CCG Metric Blanking Plugs



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